Barthe Cortes sells a 70 % stake in BVC Airlines for € 1 billion

 Barthe Cortes  sells majority stake in BVC Airlines

SAN would like to issue a formal apology to BVC Group for news ("Barthe Cortes sells a 70 % stake in BVC Airlines for € 1 billion") that was inadvertently published recently onto our website and social media with unconfirmed details. News was based on preliminary information. We apologize for this publication before details were confirmed from official sources

Barthe Cortes, the owner of BVC Cargo group sells slice of BVC Airlines to SAAfrica and Emirates SkyCargo for about € 1 billion , meaning Barthe Cortes is no longer a majority shareholder

"This partnership which is unprecedented in scale gives us leadership position in the worldwide airline industry, With BVC and ESC we are reinforcing our trans-Atlantic alliance, making us the number one alliance between Africa and the rest of the world in terms of traffic" - said SAA chairman Mussa Zwane

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CLARIFICATION:Barthe Cortes did not sell his shares and is still the sole owner of 100% BVC shares

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